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Who is Keri?
Keri has more than 18 years’ experience with nonprofit marketing and project management, including 8+ years heading up the Marketing Department of a mid-size nonprofit. She also runs a successful content website which attracts more than a million visitors a year and serves as a rich testing ground for new ideas and experiments.
Her passion for solving marketing challenges started in childhood and she subsequently graduated from Berry College in 2002 with a BS in Business Administration before joining the marketing team at the Institute for Humane Studies.
During her nonprofit tenure she became well acquainted with the lack of marketing options for groups with niche interests or small budgets and officially started KERI Marketing in 2014 to help nonprofits and small businesses who deserve quality marketing solutions but can’t afford agency pricing.
KERI Marketing

KERI Marketing offers effective, affordable small business and nonprofit marketing solutions. No formulaic approaches here! We understand that every organization’s needs are unique and work closely with clients to provide customized recommendations, not standardized suggestions. 
We work with companies across the US to create plans both cutting edge and realistic. Nothing is more frustrating than delayed implementation due to resource constraints, which is why all our recommendations are immediately executable within your available staff and budget. In addition, our approaches are measurement-focused, making it easy to quickly evaluate ROI and determine where your efforts are best spent. 


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